A recovery process where the experience, replace the theory concepts in the emotional rehabilitation process. In this way the theory is replaced by activities where participants show themselves and others that there are no limits. That they can achieve anything they want. Buying our services means to say: I contribute

I CONTRIBUTEChanging reality

Change the internal point of view to see things not as a problem but as a challenge, an adventure. The same situation is seen in a completely different way. Obstacles do not change, it changes the way people relate to them, and from this insight connect themselves with the world.

I CONTRIBUTEOffering tools

People with disabilities lead conservation programs of the Coral Reef. This relationship established with nature and particularly with corals, means: “I can not just wait for help… I can help others.”
A group process, working in pairs, opens the doors to personal relationships, making them trust others again.

I CONTRIBUTEConnecting them with their humanity

A weightless world where I can leave and forget my wheelchair, crutches or prosthetics and "fly" in a beautiful environment, in peace and quiet, becomes a vehicle to connect with his humanity.
Laughing at themselves, fun and humor make processes more enthusiastic.

I CONTRIBUTERecovering values.

Important values such as acceptance of my condition, self-esteem, self-confidence, breaking the resistance to change, among many others, are achieved in the activity. Recovering these values, I realize that I can achieve anything I want. There are no limits.