We have worked for over 20 years in the study and protection of natural resources of the National Natural Park Corlaes del Rosario. Our primary purpose is to share with others this wonderful underwater world because "we can not love what you do not know and can not care about the things we don’t love."
Buying our services means to say: I contribute:

I CONTRIBUTEAvoiding damage to the ecosystem

Sowing anchor underwater buoys, to prevent the boats drop their anchor on corals, perform underwater cleaning day, lead a campaign to control lionfish, buoyancy workshops in all our courses, are just some examples of our conservation activities.

I CONTRIBUTERaising awareness

We get the national government decreed December 5 as "National day of coral reefs. On this day the campaign "The Color of the Corals” which measures the impact of global warming on coral bleaching was launched. Now every year we celebrate this day so more people realize the importance of this ecosystem.

I CONTRIBUTEStudying and researching

Participation and support for research work such as the campaign to protect the Parrotfish and coral reproduction, activities conducted by prestigious universities in Colombia.

I CONTRIBUTE Responsible tourism

Training young people in the region as snorkeling and diving ecological guides. At least 80% of the people who working with us on the islands, are natives prepared by our company, and they have replaced fishing for ecological guidance that promotes the conservation of coral reefs and other ecosystems on the island.